For those who ​desire greater views to project their professional activities and businesses, the GRAN TORRE CW will provide spaces of greater visibility and prestige in Mexicali, ​​for all to see.

With 6 levels of offices, GRAN TORRE CW offers modernity and comfort, with a design well thought out for all those who not only look for professional success, but personal.

Outdoor spaces, energy saving systems, as well as natural lighting and terraces in all offices, are only some of the elements that make the GRAN TORRE CW premises the best in Mexicali.

The surroundings of GRAN TORRE CW include the main sport facilities as well as a great variety of restaurants, all located in the prestigious hotel zone of the city.

You will notice a significant difference between offices at a lower level versus the ones located at GRAN TORRE CW. Experience greater heights and success for your brand.